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Fine Wines From Emerging Regions

For private tastings or cellaring consultancy, please contact us via email:

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FìoN Wine Shop

fine wines from emerging regions

Duo Sets are assembled to create an experience of discovering an emerging region, getting exposed to new grape varieties, understanding a remarkable producer, comparing peculiarities of cru vineyards, or tracing the evolution of a winery in time. Our sets are of very limited production, and we rotate them frequently for us to bring you new wines.

Our selection of Single Bottles follows the same criteria as our Duo Sets. We want to expose you to the wines of exciting winemakers who are crafting wonderful wines (using indigenous varieties worth being discovered) in emerging regions such as Galicia, Gredos, Canary Islands, Etna, Austria, Georgia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, and a long list of vibrant places amongst the old-world where viticulture has always been a fundamental part of their DNA. Most of these bottles are also produced in tiny quantities, so availability is limited. If you would like to source bigger quantities than we currently have in stock, please, don't hesitate on sending us an email at

Cases of 6: This is the newest category in our e-Shop. We have put together a selection of our own imported wines from Spain and Portugal that are perfect for you to stock up your cellar, to be served in your next social gathering, or to delight your clients when hosting an important meeting. 

FioN Wine Club

Discover the beauty and convenience of receiving 3 bottles of wine carefully chosen by Vera and Miguel every month.

Under a private membership scheme, Fìon Wine Club is our way to make accessible to you the viticulture we believe in: well-crafted wines from spectacular winemakers making an emphasis on emerging wine regions. 


Doesn't matter if you are starting to discover wine or you are already a connoisseur, we have planned different memberships for you to join to. 

How does it work?

You only need to choose between our Aficionado and Connoisseur memberships and we will do all the work of selecting some of the finest upcoming wines for you to receive at home. The wines will be delivered the first week of each month, which means that you need to subscribe before the 20th of the previous month to get your next month's selection of wines.

Wine shop and wine tasting

Every month we are filled with sensational and interesting news which we would like to share with you: themed events, pop-ups, new wine sets within our e-Shop, rare and unique wines we have access to, and entries to our blog.


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Fìon is a wine merchant based in Edinburgh, founded by Vera Cebotari & Miguel Crunia in 2021.

We are specialized in the acquisition and sale of fine wines, emphasizing those from emerging regions, for those customers who are looking for both the pleasure of drinking good quality wine on daily basis and building up a private cellar.


Let us help you find those unique wines that are going to become the classics of tomorrow.

We want to be more than a wine commissioner to you as we are here to help you acquire a collection of wines tailored to your personal taste and budget.

Having built strong relationships with key suppliers and winemakers over the years, we are also privileged to be in the position where we can organize exclusive & private sommelier services, wine tasting hires, and corporate events.



Edinburgh, UK

Tel: + 44 7397548733

Please contact us to know if your postcode is within our area of operation.

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