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Start your cellar

If you’re looking for a new wine for your collection for either investment or daily drinking purposes please contact our team on

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Stock your cellar 

Inventorying, Organization, Emerging Wines Sourcing and Collection Maintenance

Fìon is an agency which sources high-quality, ethical, and well-made wines, and where the personalities and knowledge of Vera & Miguel play also an important key role.

For us it doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner, an aficionado or a connoisseur; what is truly important is creating a personal connection with you based on trust.


After an initial discussion that clarifies how you want to build up your collection, we will work tightly with our industry connections sourcing the most suitable wines for your cellar  fitted to your personal taste and patterns of use.

We typically take a full inventory of your wine cellarmonetize the references you already stock, label and reorganize all shelves

Once you have stocked your wines, they need to be kept well. We can advise on managing your existing wine portfolio including new acquisitions, storage, consuming and selling at the right time.

There are numerous decisions to be made in order to compose a satisfactory wine collection:


- Which identity do I want for my collection? 

- How many bottles do I want to store? 

- In which regions, varieties, vintages or producers shall I focus? 

- Which are the wines of the future? 

- Which wines age well? 

- Shall I cellar for my heirs?

Check our DUO SETS to discover some fine wines that may later find a place in your collection for years or become the perfect match to lay on your daily consumption racks.

Wine accessories 

To enjoy a special wine at home at its best don't disregard the use of ergonomic and elegant accessories and glassware. 

  • Glassware: The most essential of materials for wine enjoyment has evolved over the millennia too. Let's stop thinking that wine glasses are merely the interface between you and the bottle. The glassware we choose for you address the entire experience, including the effect of the glass on both drinker and content.

  • Preservation systems: from Eurocaves, to Enomatic machines, Coravin, Genii, Le Verre de Vin, etc. We would help you finding all the necessary items for you to take care of preserving your wines in optimum conditions. 

  • Tools: Decanters, cork pullers, aerators, ice buckets, stoppers, etc. are able to elevate the process of enjoyment, as well as guarantee the proper handling of old vintage bottles. Contact us to know the full range of available accessories. 

wine glass
wine cellar at home

Wine cellar design 

If you're thinking on building a wine cellar or a wine room in your house or restaurant, we can provide a design project through our specialist partners that have a vast experience bringing professional ideas in customized cellar design.

Email us for more details:

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