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HoReCa consultancy

If you are a small independent restaurant or a wine merchant which cannot allow itself to count with a sommelier, we could assist you in many ways so you can boost the income of your establishment by creating a personal and attractive wine program fit to your identity

It is true, there's many importers which might already offer themselves to do this for you but, have you really considered what concentrating the 100% of your list just in one wine supplier really mean?

You will lose the freedom to build up a unique list. We are here to deal with the tedious task of dedicating time to dig within many importers' portfolios to find the perfect wines for your offer, taking care of both creating a wine list with identity which will keep attracting customers, and giving you a healthy GP for your business.  

We will also help to concentrate on areas that need attention and support on an overall wine program as much as you want us to:

Creating and maintaining a perfect wine list.

- Access to a wide range of importers: each of them is specialized in certain areas and viticultural philosophies. 

- Design a complete wine program: A wine list is not everything. Have you thought about your "by the glass" offer, setting a retailing corner, creating wine flights, events, etc?

- We can provide staff training. Up-selling will be only conquered when you have a knowledgeable staff which is confident with the wines they sell.

- Sommelier services in your premises when required to conduct specific events or wine nights.  

- Cellar management & stock takings.

- PR & Social Media. We can help you create brand identity by managing your wine communications within your marketing network.

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