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Choose one of our FÌON Wine Club monthly plans and get a selection of wines to add to your collection and wine discoveries. 

You can select the starting date of your subscription and cancel it whenever you want. 

The wines will be delivered the first week of each month, which means that you need to subscribe before the 20th of the previous month to get your monthly selection of wines. If you choose the day between 20 and 31, your first month delivery will arrive in the second half of next month; from the second month it will be delivered the first week on a regular basis. 

FÌON Wine Club

  • Aficionado

    Every month
    Perfect for aficionados who want to adventure into new wines
    • 3 different bottles of wine every month
    • Ethical and well made wines for occasional drinking
    • Discover new winemakers, grape varieties and emerging areas
  • Connoisseur

    Every month
    Premium and Cru wines carefully selected for your cellar
    • 3 different bottles of wine per month
    • A mix of wines for collectors and advanced wine lovers
    • Special Crus, vintages and limited production wines
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