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We owe a life to Palomino for the exceptional and phenomenal sherries out there. But unfortified wines made by some talented producers around Cadiz and its unique white soil 'albariza' are picking up on the wine scene, and we have two of the finest examples in our shop. 


La Hacienda de Doña Francisca is a 100% Palomino from Pago Hornillo vineyard in Sanlúcar. The grapes arrive at the Bodega and are smoothly pressed to a 70 years old barrel of 500L where it is fermented. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast and then is left in the same barrel to age biologically under a veil of Flor for 6 months. 1800 bottles produced. This is the original way to produce sherry, exactly how it was produced more than 200 years ago!


Socaire is made of Palomino grapes harvested from 30-40 years old vines. Fermented and aged in old fino barrels for two years without letting the veil of flor to be developed. Primitivo wants to express the terroir and the climate from this particular 1.7 has single vineyard, grown in a type of Albariza called Tajón, which is one of the most chalky within all the Albariza soils. Unfiltered. 3000 bottles produced. 

Barrel aged Palomino DUO

VAT Included
  • A set of 2 bottles: 

    Socaire, Primitivo Collantes 2020. Cadiz, Spain. 750 ml. ABV 13%

    La Hacienda de Doña Francisca, Callejuela 2020. Cadiz, Spain. 750 ml. ABV 12.5% 

  • We deliver to all EH postcodes without charge. Deliveries are done within 1-2 days.

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