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Welcome to San Fernando, Cádiz. A land where the winemaking tradition underlies the unsurpassed dimension of Sherry. A tradition that, however, goes much further than fortified & biologically aged wines. This is a tradition that is being put back in value thanks, in large part, to the work that young oenologists are doing, determined to place their wines and Cádiz' terroir among the most prestigious wine regions in the world.


Winemakers like Miguel and Jose (Bodega Vinifícate, also known as the Mahara). Mahara means "crazy, nuts" in slang. And it kind of translates the "fresh air" of change that they have brought to the area. It is very likely that many of you have not even heard of the Tintilla de Rota, however, for the Mahara brothers, it was the ideal grape through which to reflect the values ​​of their project: Representing Cádiz in a glass of wine. Tintilla has always been there, traditionally used to make sweet wines or to give a bit of rock and roll to the color of other local red wines (Tintilla literally means "the one that stains").


This 2021 was left to macerate for a long time with the skins in order to be able to age it in amphora (500l and 1000l) for 9 months. Mahara is a wine where the brothers want to extract something more from the stalk, maintaining freshness, gaining delicate green nuances, and increasing its salinity. The wine is deadly good! Filled with aromas of prunes, mulberries & pickled blackberries coated with an interesting salinity and stable notes that add complexity (there's no excess of brett).


Tintilla de Rota, Mahara,Cádiz, 2021

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