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Looking for some glu-glu wines to enjoy this summer? Let us take you to Cadiz then and introduce you to the Mahara brothers. Mahara means "crazy, nuts" in local slang. They were given this nickname because, in a land where doing fortified wines is the norm, they decided to craft still wines and pet nats.  With this Duo, we want to introduce you to 2 local varieties: Palomino & Tintilla de Rota. Both crafted at their purest aiming for drinkability as "amorro" means "to be drunk straight from the bottle" as that's the intention of these two cuvées declared right there.


Amorro Blanco 2018: Sourced of old 30-45 years old Palomino vines from different vineyards. Fermented spontaneously and aged for 8 months in fiberglass. Only 5000 bottles were produced. Salinity, citrus, popcorn, fresh almonds, and chalk. Textural yet super fresh.


Amorro Tinto 2020: A glou-glou red wine made of 100% Tintilla grapes. Foot trodden with its stems, going through a semi-carbonic maceration. This wine is aged for 6 months in polyester deposits. There is a distinct saltiness from the nearby Atlantic Ocean and excellent texture from the chalky albariza soil. It is fun & super drinkable.

Amorro Duo, Mahara Brothers, Cadiz

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