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Are you a winery?

W2C (winery to customer): If you are interested on opening a new channel of wine sales, we can help you out selling your wines straight to the final consumer via our e-commerce site and private cellaring services.

Brand Ambassador & Intermediation: We can work close with you in order to grow your presence in Scotland by sharing our collective story.

We are here to help you connect your winery with local importers which are considering on expanding their portfolio. We will make sure that we expose your winery to those candidates which match with all your requirements: your winemaking philosophy, number of bottles to be exported, nature of the supply chain, etc.

We can also conduct an analysis on how & where your wines are positioned within the local market in order to make sure that your international sales strategy is being respected by the selected local importer(s).

On the contrary, we could help you out to position your wines properly. If so, our supportive role would involve organizing events to present your products, collaborations with local restaurants, virtual wine tastings, promoting it within our Wine Experiences, etc.

Translation: With more than 10 years working within the wine industry, we are exposed to the wine language on daily basis, allowing us to carry a deep evaluation of the understanding of your website. We will work hand in hand with you to be able to create a strong identity in a foreign language.

Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French

For more info, simply complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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