This is a set of white wines from two different volcanic islands, Greek Santorini and Azorian Pico. They have some silmilarities when it comes to viticulture: soils filled with volcanic ashes, the proximity of the sea, the old age of vines, human practices to protect the vines from wind and direct sun (on Santorini the vineyards are basket shaped, and on Pico the vineyards are protected by rock wall mazes). Still, the indigenous varieties of each island and the soil composition make the difference. 


34 by Artemis Karamolegos is a tribute to 34 centuries of continuous viticulture in Santorini after one of the world's major eruption in 1612 BC. The wine is produced from selected grapes from 120 yo vines of Assyrtiko and has at least 8 months of ageing on fine lees after a short cold skin maceration. 


Terra Brum Reserva is a 100% Arinto coming from old vines grown on basalt soil. The must is fermented and aged in tulip-shape cement vats for 23 months, 4 of which the must is transferred to French untoasted oak barrels. 


The wines are the top expression of the grapes; complex minerality, texture and an infinite finish that will make them unforgettable. 

Volcanic whites

  • A set of 2 bottles:

    34, Artemis Karamolegos 2018. Dry white wine. ABV 14%. 750 ml. Natural cork.

    Terra Brum, Adega do Vulcão 2018. Dry white wine. ABV 13.5%. 750 ml. Natural cork, wax. 

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