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Nukri Kurdadze knows the big side of the wine business since he had a successful career representing Pernod Ricard's brands in Russia. On retirement, he followed his dream of establishing an organic vineyard in the prized heart of the Kakheti region. His winery is named after the valley in which it sits. Papari means "horse mane" in Georgian, and the nestling hills ripple around his vineyards.


Nukri developed a terraced "marani" (cellar), in which the wine is transferred between Qvevri by gravity flow, without mechanical pumping. His wines are produced according to the traditional Kakheti wine-making method, with natural yeast fermentation and aging in Qvevri. The low-yielding organic vineyards and the low-intervention winemaking give wines filled with arresting depth, purity, and vitality.


The journey for this particular wine (a blend of local varieties Chinuri and Rkatsiteli) took 8 months through the winery’s terraced Qvevri system. The wine has an amber appearance and is wonderfully refreshing. Super fruit-driven (plums, fresh quinces, apricots) and very floral (chamomile and green tea). Very drinkable right now, even though it can age for 5 more years without problems.

Chinuri-Rkatsiteli, 3 Qvevri Terraces, Papari Valley, Georgia, 2021

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