Ribeiro is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in Spain. Its wines had a great reputation in the Middle Ages, being even the first wines to set foot in America. With this Duo Set, we are introducing you, possibly, to two of the most magical artisans that are crafting wines in that area.


Jorge is the young man behind Bodegas L'Ombre. Here, he is farming three vineyards planted with 70 to 110 years old vines of Treixadura. His traditional old winery was built underground in the XV century, with big granite walls that keep a constant cool temperature. Vinification is made naturally, spontaneous and slow fermentation with native yeast; resulting in elegant, rounded, mineral, and complex wines. All the wines develop “flor” naturally due to the humidity and temperature of the winery.


At the winery, this Treixadura from 2018 undertakes skin maceration for 4 days. Fermentation is very slow, taking around 30 days. The wine it’s left to age on its lees under a very thick flor for 7 months with no battonagge. Limited production of 6000 bottles. Very subtle and elegant. Direct & precise winemaking.


Boas Vides is run by vigneron Antonio Míguez Amil. He’s a historian, looking to re-discover the soul of what Ribeiro wines once were during its Golden Ages. Boas Vides (“good vines” in the Galician language), where he works combining the biodynamic principles with his ancestors’ farming practices. He is reputed for his reds (fruit of the historical co-plantation), as he lets each of the varietals express their character by allowing the macerations to be fully completed and also achieving higher ABVs than what’s it’s been done in the area. 


Boas Vides 2018 (blend of Carabuñeira, Zamarrica, Espadeiro, Bracellao, Caíño Longo & Sousón),  is an authentic oenological treasure that will make you fall in love with the Avia Valley (what it once was the Galician Burgundy). Finesse, elegance, honesty, seduction, memorability.


Ribeiro Duo Set

  • A set of 2 bottles: 

    Bodegas L'Ombre, Treixadura, 2018. Dry white wine. ABV12% 750 ml.  

    Boas Vides, Ribeiro Tinto, 2018. Dry red wine. ABV 13.5%. 750 ml.  

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