In Georgia orange wines made in traditional clay vessels 'qvevri' are preferred to be called amber which, we think, sounds very poetic. As has been the whole history of winemaking in this area for over 8000 years. 


We're very glad to have this duo set of amber wines from the most important wine region in Georgia - Kakheti. Both wineries have organic vineyards and vinify the wines in a natural way with only indigenous grapes, wild yeasts, long skin contact, minimum intervention and maximum dedication. 


Papari Valley Qvevri Rkatsiteli 2019 is a 100% Rkatsiteli vinified in a system of 3 Terraces: from the upper level of fermentation the wine is poured down with gravitation force without using any pumps through the second level of maturation, and then to the third basement level to be raised in qvevri buried in the ground. 


Chitistvala 2019 from Casreli Winery is in fact a blend of three grape varieties: Chitistvala, Kisi and Rkatsiteli. Chitistvala literally means 'a bird's eye'; it's a rare, not widely planted variety with intense floral and tropical aromatics. Co-fermented together the grapes spend at least 4 months of skin maceration in qvevri. 



Qvevri Amber Duo

  • A set of 2 bottles: 

    Papari Valley, Qvevri Rkatsiteli 3 Terraces 2019. Amber wine. ABV 12.5%. 750 ml.  

    Casreli, Qvevri Chitistvala 2019. Amber wine. ABV 12%. 750 ml.  

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