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Le Strette is one of the pioneering small wineries run by the brothers Mauro and Savio Daniele, and their work is aimed at enhancing the territory linked to local autochthonous vines that are often little known or almost disappeared: Like Nas-cëtta of the Municipality of Novello, its historic homeland.  After had to believe in it and take risks


Nas-Cëtta is a prima donna of a variety, a variety that until a few years ago there was almost no trace of, except in a few plants left here and there on the Novello hills: very small old vineyards or a few strains scattered among the rows of Nebbiolo. 


This wine is completely de-stemmed and fermented in stainless steel. The two brothers leave the wine to rest on its lees for 6 months to enhance its texture and character prior to bottling, resulting in a wine that it's fairly aromatic, showing flowers, acacia honey, citrus, and forest herbs. Salty and mineral, it talks of those calcareous soils quite clearly.

Nas-Cëtta, Le Strette, Langhe, 2020

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  • We deliver to all EH postcodes without charge. Deliveries are done within 1-2 days.

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