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Callejuela, is a family winery located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. with two brothers running it who represent the third generation of vinegrowers. Their father Francisco Blanco founded the small winery in 1980 just with two old barrels. They were Almacenistas making base wine from their own Palomino vineyards that they sold to the local bodegas of Sanlúcar.The Blanco family philosophy has always been to carefully orchestrate a later harvest, as this enables them to pick grapes with higher ABV, needing a fewer % of alcohol when fortifying their sherries. 


Blanquito is a Manzanilla sourced from their vineyards in El Hornillo. The wine is 12 years old and the name refers to the founder of the bodega (Francisco Blanco, nicknamed Blanquito). The system has 2 criaderas, (layers of barrels) and the solera (barrels on the bottom) is composed by 12 botas. From these 12 botas they only bottle 300-400 bottles of 50cl every 4 months. The base wine they use to refresh the 1st Criadera (sobretabla) is a manzanilla en rama!!! Incredible!

Blanquito, Manzanilla Pasada, Callejuela, DO Jerez

VAT Included
  • Manzanilla Pasada, Blanquito, Callejuela, 500ml.

  • We deliver to all EH postcodes without charge.  Deliveries are done within 1-2 days.

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