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Welcome to San Fernando, Cádiz. A land where the winemaking tradition underlies the unsurpassed dimension of Sherry. A tradition that, however, goes much further than fortified & biologically aged wines. Jose and his brother Miguel (who are behind Bodega Vinifícate), also known as the “Mahara”. Mahara means "crazy, nuts" in slang. And it kind of translates the "fresh air" of change that they have brought to the area.


They only work with local varieties, and they also try to work with very lively soil, because that way the plant will be much better fed with nutrients. The aim is to create a complete ecosystem where the plants feel comfortable because it will give a healthier grape with higher quality. For that reason, they do not use any type of systemic treatment, herbicides, or any other type of poison. 


Amorro Blanco is made out of old 30-45 years old Palomino vines. Fermented spontaneously and aged for 8 months in fiberglass in contact with its fine lees. No battonage, so expect some pop corn aromas coming through, aeration is recommended. This wine expresses a lot of soil as it is chalky, salty, super citrusy, and delivers loads of fun once it opens up! Only 5000 bottles were produced. The word 'Amorro' in the local dialect means to drink straight from the bottle, so feel free to free style it!

Bodegas Vinificate, Amorro Blanco, Palomino, Cádiz, 2020

VAT Included
Expect delivery on Friday belonging to the following week of purchasing this wine.

    Expect delivery on Friday belonging to the following week of purchasing this wine.

    We deliver to all EH postcodes without charge. 

    For more info please don't hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

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